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…liminy snackets!!

Get it….snacks!!
What’s inside your snack basket!

Do you have a snack basket?
If not, go out and get yourself one! They are super fun and a great way to try NEW snacks!
Little sample size bars are great! Lara, raw revolution, cliff, lara, fruit leathers etc.

I love going to expos and other things like that because they always have great samples!
Also, remember this post….HERE… this is also a great way to get yummy snacks!

I got inspired to have a snack basket after living with my sista’ Sarah all summer!

So now here I am… in my own apartment with a fabulous snack basket!

I love, and so does Keith!

Let’s take a look!

… I see all sorts of yummies…
Soyjoys…gum… trail mixes… fiberful fruit leathers…

All sorts of quick and easy snacks when you are on the run!

Life is busy, so keep up!
Make a snack basket!

You WON’T regret it!!

Happy Snacking…
and Happy ALMOST friday!!


10 thoughts on “…liminy snackets!!

  1. I think I will try a snack basket, but I have a feeling Jamie will have Snickers and KitKats and M&Ms instead of healthy choices. lol

  2. A snack basket? That is probably the best idea I have ever heard in my entire life. I’m getting one pronto.

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