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Wednesday Ate I What??


WIAW AGAIN everyone!!
Hope your eats this week are fabulous as mine are going well and tasting Delish!!

1st of the year for me!
(I have to babsit tonight so I thought I would treat myself with a little of my extra money)

A pumpkin spice latte at 5:30 am… skim milk, no whip please! 🙂

Breakfast – SAME SAME SAME as always!

(Reduce, reuse RECYCLED photo)

Snick SNACK patty wack…. Pre AMAZING workout!


A new Trader Joes snack basket addition….
(more on snack baskets tomorrow)


A LITTLE suga suga after my workout before I took out the trash, got the mail.. you know


Munchin on my lunch…


winner winner chicken DINNNEEEERRR!

not really chicken…

but leftovers of THIS… (Made it this past weekend… )

No Picture here… but one HERE!! (From Voracious Eats!)


Happy wednesday … which means tomorrow is thursday and the next is FRIDAY!


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