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Everybody was To-Fu Eat-tiinng!



or at least Keith and I were tofu eating!
Yes, I Know, you have never heard ME talk about Tofu…

But, Thanks to the Lovely Blogger from Peas and Thank You
I found this delicious recipe for To-Fu Dippers!!

**I starred the recipe in my google reader for the day in which I decide to buy Tofu.**

Keith and I never eat To-Fu… I just read about it and think about using, but just never buy it.
Until, the day last week when I went to Trader Joes to get some staples and walked right passed it…

**Light Bulb**
Dippers in Blog – Must make!!

Did it! Bought it… and it is very reasonable!!

I followed all of the directions to a T…
Except 2 substitutions…

Wet mustard instead of mustard powder..
AND… I didn’t have liquid smoke so I used a little teriyaki sauce..

… plus this…

… then you Marinade…

… and keep marinading….

Until it is time to BROIL!!

…..and then…

Make some Side dishes….

Flipping some taters!! (With rosemary, garlic and EVOO)

Thanks Keith for the action shot!! 🙂

Add some green beans… and dinner is served!!

And again,

Thank you Peas and Thank you!!

Try tofu this way if you are trying it for the first time! SOO GOOD!

What is your favorite recipe with Tofu?
This is mine so far.. but I really want to make a sweet treat with tofu! 🙂


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