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….grape fruit challenge…

Rerro everyone! 🙂

As always, I hope everyone had a very fulfilling weekend! 🙂
I did!!!

Another monday well under way today…
but.. I wanted to talk about something that I left you hanging with yesterday

Remember these…

A cute little house warming gift from Keith’s CEO!

They have a grapefruit tree in their back yard and we were lucky enough to receive some of them…
He proposed a challenge..

Make something yummy with them!!
So I thought… cupcakes…sorbet…QUICK BREAD!!

Love quick…
So I went to the fabulous askjeeves and asked him for a great recipe…

Right Here! 

I baked it and sent it to work with keith!!
And kept a little here for a snack…

I think it turned out….

BOMB diggity! hehe… 🙂

Smell it!! MMM!! Not the typical “fall” bread.. but hey.. its a-o-k!

Wishing everyone a good monday!

Why is Monday sooo challenging? How do you feel about them? 

They are ok, but I think that is always a shock. I think that all mondays should not start till 10 or so… it is always just soo over whelming!! Eye yi!!

P.S…. check out my sistas blog!! She is doing a wonderful giveway.. and YOU could be the one to win!… or me!



One thought on “….grape fruit challenge…

  1. thanks for linking to my giveaway lovey! make sure you comment on the giveaway post twice and tell me that you fb like me and that you linked to my bloggy, ok!?

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