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..friday values…

Howdy doody everyone!
So….as I have done on other fridays is what I am going to do this friday!

  • 1. Today and currently I am valuing my cell phone!! I am currently writing my blog on my cell phone while on the arc trainer and it is saving me time at home!! I may rely on my phone alot, but I bought it to use, right?
  • 2. My workouts! I really have been using this time to flush out any toxins, stress, worries and gain energy, my feel good body etc! It is the only time of day to myself and is very important to how my day is!
  • 3. My schooling! I can already tell how much I am going to learn and love it! 🙂 my professor is great and the people are great!
  • 4. My sister!! Just because…and cuz she wants to do culinary school too and I think she should because then we can team up!!
  • 5. My mom! I talk with her EVERY morning and love it! Even if we have nothing to say, it is just great to hear her voice and know she loves me and all that I do!  She is amazing in my eyes!! Love her!
  • 6. My love for supporting me and being wonderful!
  • 7. My crockpot – for reasons you have seen all week!

I could go on and on…but those are what really stand out this week! If you enjoy thinking about your values…check out (little things) by Savvy Eats! She does a similar posting but accepts YOUR little things and posts about them! 🙂


2 thoughts on “..friday values…

  1. Liz, I value you, you are the wittiest person I know, you can always make me laugh, you inspire me to exercise and eat healthy and just because you are you. Love you baby girl.

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