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…quick and easy peazy lemon squeezy!!


Hey Guys!

Yup, you heard me!

A super quick and easy recipe that includes ingredients that most of us have in our homes/apartments etc.!!

Thanks to a new blog that I came across (Click Me to Find OUT) ! Her name is Kalyn and her blog is super cute and helpful!!

I made her Crockpot chicken fajita recipe and did exactly as she said!!

1. Chopped up 2 peppers – 1 red 1 green!

2. Chopped up 1 onion! (In rings)

3. Chopped up 4 chicken thigh. (AMAZING meat…and cheaper)

4. Mixed Chicken broth with chili powder, cumin and salt!


5. Dump all in Crock Pot and cook away!

6. Cook it low girl cook it cook it low girl… for 6-7 hours!!

Put it on ANY tortilla.. I used corn and Ba-da-Bing Ba-Da-Boom!! Quick and easy!!

***I also came across my favorite granola at the safeway across the street. I tried it once when I came to visit Keith when he went to school in San Mateo and it is AMAZING! 🙂 Happy Girl over here…

On top of that… check this out…. 🙂

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