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….burpee shmurpee…

… that’s how I feel about them…
What about you?

Hey friends,

I wanted to give you a quick workout idea that I did the other day when there was NOT
a body pump class for me to go to…and I wanted to lift after my cardio!

I set up a set of several stations and went through the circuit
3 times!
1. Box jumps – 10 per round
2. Tri-cep kickbacks – 15 each arm
3.  Side obliques/Love Handles –
side dips with weight in one hand AND holding a weight out in front of and rotating L to R.
4. Lunges with weights – 15/leg each round
5. Biceps (Body pump Style)
*1/2 ways – 10 times
(thigh to belly button)
*Top 1/2 ways – 10 Times
(Belly button to chest)
*Full curl – 10 Times
(thigh to chest)
6. Pushups – 10 each round
7. Plank
Hover for 10
Rest for 5 = 3 times each round!

Try it!

Keep moving though, I did not take rest breaks throughout so it REALLY keeps the heart rate up!

What quick workout makes you feel the best? Cardio? Weights? Abs?

I love abs, pushups and running! 🙂 Without time restraint I love it ALL! 


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