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… wedding favor!

Howdy everyone!

Today is a great day!
Great workout in including body pump at our new 24 hour fitness…
picked up our craigs list microwave….
Hung stuff….
Talk to Mama…
and Now…..blogging before work!

So I am going to hold you in suspense a LITTLE longer
for actually seeing the full transformation of our apartment!

We are AlMoSt done hanging things and then I will start
sharing before and afters… so until then…

Here is a cute little topic that I would like to discuss….


Wedding Favors!

Everytime I go to weddings, I look forward to the party favor.
But.. the question is.. should they exist?
The party is for you…
At parties for you… the presents are for you aren’t they?


Anyways… I do enjoy wedding favors because they are always unique!
Sarah and Brad had a candy bar which is a fun idea!
I have seen shot glasses… chocolates…picture frames…can coolers…

But… My good friend Hillary got married this september and
she had the cutest little idea every… (She found this idea on etsy)

JELLY!!! in a cute little jar!
the cutest tag ever!

….genius I tell you…

ingredients are listed….
and again…
The tag… 🙂

Wonderful! 🙂

Happy Monday!!
I will be back this week with…
Apartment updates x a million…
Apartment meals…
Apartment purchase….
Something special…(maybe a baked treat)… and more!

How do you feel about wedding favors?
Love them!
If you have gone to weddings, which favor has been your favorite/most creative?
THIS one! (except the idea I have for mine one day) 


4 thoughts on “… wedding favor!

  1. that is an adorable favor! i think wedding favors are a great idea as long as it’s something that the people will use or if it’s food!

    i didn’t realize before doing my wedding how hard it is to choose a favor. if you’re inviting a lot of ppl, it can get crazy expensive!

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