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Honey, I’m home!

Hey everyone…

So, if you have been following me.. you will know that I MOVED into an apartment with my love!!

We had his parents help along with a few of his neighbors who have been great to both of us over the past 2 years or so!

  • This move was….
  • Fast…
  • Efficient….
  • Painless….
  • An addition to my great morning workout.. πŸ™‚ – we only had about 22 steps to go up..(I will picture them soon)
  • REALLLY fun….

We had everything moved in within 45 minutes.. It may have been less! πŸ™‚

Now keith and I are in the process of finding the perfect home for everything! (We even started a junk drawer- it is small so it cant accumulate “unnecessary” junk…lol)

I found a home for most of my things.. but keith has allll sorts of things to put/throw away!
Over the next few days I will be posting pictures of projects etc. of what we have done/what we are doing to the apartment!

It was a great and smooth move in yesterday! πŸ™‚

Here is a little sneak peak of the day…. but tomorrow I will have a TON of great pics.. before and after! πŸ™‚

Putting together the bed fram = NOW… it has a cute comforter and pillows! πŸ™‚ U will see!
Our kitchen in a shambles… lol! AHHH!

Putting together one of our purchases…. let me rephrase that… our AMAZING purchases!

I also worked VERY hard.. so I hate to brag.. but I am a strong woman! πŸ™‚
People don’t think I can carry much,lift much etc…. and I do it safely!
Yes.. I am a girl… but besides that… NO stererype/generalizations about women! Please.. thanks!

Sarah’s Brad really stressed to Keith and I how important it is to lift/bend safely..
… So I am really aware of that now too!

ooo… one last thing… Keith and I went to return the u-haul and we saw that they made copies of keys!
(we needed one for Keith of the apartment.. and I saw this… I am obsessed with Key covers! Lol.. I want them ALL)


The day of the move consisted of random eats also….
Morning = Almond milk with a little coffee
Afternoon = 4 malted milk balls… with a hotdog…lol
Dinner = a BOMB sandwich Keith made for us after we ran to the store for a few groceries! πŸ™‚
**I Love this Man**


... so here I am this morning..(sunday) writing this up.. drinking my almond milk with coffee and enjoying our apartment!

I also planned to workout all week so I could have today off because we have a TON of errands to run….
Trader Joes
Few!! πŸ™‚

Yay! Have a happy sunday! Enjoy it!

Have you ever used key covers? (Check some out here)
LOVE them! I have a minney one.. and I also got Sarah some really cute ones! πŸ™‚
They can also make your life a lot easier when you are looking for your key to get into your apt/house etc. Β 


6 thoughts on “Honey, I’m home!

  1. glad your move went well! we just drove a huge truck 12 hours yesterday to move a bunch of furniture from the house my parents just sold to our house. then we had to get rid of about 1/2 our furniture to make it all fit! exhausting, but i’m like you….and surprised my hubby with how much i can lift πŸ˜‰

  2. Liz, just looking at these pictures made me feel stressed… I HATE all the messiness of moving!! I love finding spots for everything though πŸ™‚ Your new adventures are so exciting ~ I’m happy for you guys!

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