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Very important values!! 🙂
Its another friday in my lively life and there is alot going on over here! So I want to slow it down and reflect on what im really valuing this week.

1. My new culinary shoes – I don’t value how they look, but I do value the fact that they will be comfy when I am on my feet in the kitchen and I wont slip! Its nice that they require this because they are looking out for our safety and not the fashion police!

2. My new job! Everyone at this school are amazing and willing to help with anything. I feel very welcome on campus and the kids and parents are amazing.

3. My friend ms. B! I have been able to see her this week and spend time with her and it is nice to have a close friend every where you go…a close girl friend that is!

4. ‘My love! We are so excited to move this week and he is just wonderful!

5. My sister! She is always there to chat in the morning and I just love that we can stay so close even when we are so far!

6. Sales at stores! I bought a ton of cleaning products for bogo! I save over 30 dollars because of it!

7. Blankets, candles, pictures – things that really make a home feel like home! 🙂 I love all of these things and they really make me feel cozy! 🙂

That’s what im valuing this week!
What about you?


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