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Go Normal!

Go Normal you say? Welll….
That is just Kite Talk! 🙂
****   ****   ****

As always, I really hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!
I always forget that not EVERYONE has off of work on the weekend
like this privelaged lady over here! 🙂 So, even if you had to work,
I hope you found a way to enjoy something…. ! 🙂

** **** **

My saturday is what I would like to talk to you about today!
It was so wonderful.. slightly random….
Join me on my saturday journey!

7:00 Wake up and snuggle up with my love for 15 minutes!

7:30  On the road… that is running! 🙂 (I have a 6.5 mile loop I love doing and
yesterday morning was perfect to do it.. about 60 degrees and quiet outside…
So… this loop does have an easy way and a hard way… I chose the hard way …
I am  not sure why either because technically
it was supposed to be my day off… lets just say the hard way is about 1.75 miles of extreme hill climbing at the end. )

…moving on….

8:40 Back home, and started cooking breakfast for Keiths family and aunt and uncles
that were visiting from Arizona! 🙂 It was great to see them and GREAT to
be back in the kitchen with my love !:)

*** — ***

🙂 Yay for cooking in the Kitchen!!

Quick/Fasted/yummiest add-ins for Bisquick Pancakes

*Substitute the liquid for 1/2 oj, 1/2 almond milk
* Add a dash of cinnamon
*Mashed up Banana


11:00 Showered and ready to go with Keith’s Aunt! Off to Ikea we go for our desk pickup! 🙂
I was PUMPED! Still am! (that is why I have so many of these (!) )

and we walked around a bit… Carol got some napkins and bought us some candles! 🙂

1:00 Checked out and continued on our day… off to fly Keiths Kites in berkley!

BTW – It was the PERFECT day to fly kites! Super DUPER windy!



Sooo Fun! I did really well flying yesterday too! 🙂

3:30 – went for a late lunch at a place directly on the water called Skates! Sooo good!
(There will be more to come on this restaurant)


5:30 – Got to downtown danville to walk around a bit. Carol used to live here so she wanted
to go back and check it out a bit! 🙂 We ended up getting frozen yogurt of dinner! 🙂 hehe
Fine by me today! 🙂 Not most days… 🙂

REALLY bad picture!  I was way to excited!

Red velvet with chocolate and fudsicle..cookie dough on top! 🙂 YUMMM!!

7:00 home to do laundry… pay some bills… putz on my computer…

9:00 then SLEEP! 🙂 grandma over here I know!

Great Saturday! 🙂 WooWoo!!

***** ** *****

Now, I am off to run to the gym for body pump and some cardio! I think..
unless I take my 2 half days of working out…
6.5 mile run with body pump today….
and turn it into one and then…
that says that I have a day off? Does that work that way?

Do you take days off from working out? What do you consider a day off? 

I didn’t take days off for a while, but when I started lifting a lot more, I started letting myself have 1 day off a week (from the gym) because my life is crazy busy anyway! 🙂 I am always active on my days off too.. it is not this 100 percent lazy day!


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