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smog schmog!

Hi there everyone!

Hope everyone had a happy hump day! Love me a 4 day week!

So, today I want to update you on my daily activities… I really like doing this because it keeps me on track too! 🙂

Today looked a little like this… and the next week will look like this too (give or take an hour or an errand)

6:15 am – wake up with my love!
ate a cup of cheerios

7:00 – At the gym – Lots of hard cardio

9:00 – Body Pump ( So happy this is back in my life NOT via youtube)

10:45 – ate banana and got fingerprints done for work

11:15 – Smog Check ( boo CA for having this) but i Passed! 🙂
They rev your engine/race your car on these spinners and waste gas!

12:00 – Ate lunch/breakfast/got ready for work

12:45 – left for work and stopped at walgreens –> 3 hair products for 5 dollars.. that made choosing a lot easier!
( I ran out of hairspray)


1:00 – On my way to work…. Bridge Fee = 5.00 = angry Liz
(Once we are in our apartment, my drive to work is 5 minutes and NO bridge fee)


San Mateo Bridge = 7 miles long –> I clocked it!

2:00 – arrive at work! … work work work!
New jobs can be stressful at first.. getting used to everything and all the kinks out.

6:30 – Leave work

7:15 – Keiths Parents house (Temporary Home)

7:25 – Dinner (last night was homemade tamales with spanish rice and spinach salad)

8:00 – Up stairs
-Random interneting (word?)
-Order shoes for culinary school
– write my bloggie
– facebook
-nightly pushups/abs

9:30ish – Beddy Bye!


So, there it is folks, just in case you were wondering! 🙂 I have a couple reviews on a few different items for you coming soon!


How does your typical work week day look?


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