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Nervous new day!

Hey guys,
So here I am this morning on the arc trainer thinking about today! I start my new job today at a private school, and well, I think I am just as nervous as some of the kids that will be there today. I am really looking forward to my new job, but I am a nervous nancy, so we will see how it goes!  ( I will let you know later this week)…

But for my post todayyy, well that is another kind of excitement/nervousness!

Yesterday, keith and I and his mom went shopping for apartment stuff (vague, I know)!

Everything from bathroom to bedroom, you name it!
***   ***   ***   ***   *   ***   ***   ***
Here is what our day /cart looked like!

Shelving unit…trash cans..bathroom garbage can….ball jars for drinking…curtain… etc… laundry hamper…can opener….silverware….kitchen drawer organizer….

then we went to Macys….

and got pans and a pot!!

Then… JCpenneys… and got a Bed spread.. and towels…



……. dish dryer….shower mat…..close pins for a project… 🙂

Yay Bathroom! 🙂

then we went to world market…..

and got somethings that may or may not be necessary right away.. 🙂 ramekins… cute little spice jars… 🙂 Ketchup/mustard bottles!



This is all of our loot!!!!


Then… we went to IKEA… on saturday that is… and this is keith and I’s purchase that will be happening this week! 🙂


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