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Gobble Gobble!

Hey guys,

so I wanted to give you a little review of one of the first restaurants that I went to since I came back to the bay!

The morning started with me eating an apple on the way to the airport. We took Keith’s sister Shannon  to the airport. She is flying back to Corvallis Oregon. She goes to OSU and will be starting up with a few weeks! She actually starts the same day that I start school!

Eek! September 26th, well I am ready or not!! (more to come on my school)

Any ways, after all sorts of searching for restaurants, we finally… and when I say finally, I mean it! ( we were looking for restaurants for about 45 minutes because most of them don’t open till 9.. and well.. it was 830!

But then Keith tought of an old restaurant that he used to go to when he went to college in S.F! We also went there when I visited Keith for the first time in S.F in October of 2006! Crazy! It is called the Pork Store. (we look like babies)

We got there, to find that only the breakfast bar area was available and didn’t want to sit there so Keith ran aross the street to see if the Squat and Gobble” was open for seating! It was so we ran across the street!


This place had a really fun environment to eat breakfast in.! It is also very affordable! A wide range of choices too!

The first thing that catches your eye is the menu! It is chalk board style with fun chalk and all sorts of choices!



After a lot of contemplating…sweet..savory..healthy… over and over again I finally decided!

  1. I haven’t treated myself to breakfast at a restaurant in MONTHs…
  2.  My love for nutella is STRONG…
  3. Keith was getting savory which meant I would be able to have a bite! 🙂

So I chose….

The Whole thing it was!!! MMMM!!


At the Squat and Gobble, you order everything at the counter which can sometimes be a downfall if you want to really sit and relax because you will have to go up and order more and pay for more too!  But it was still great!

Our food arrived within 15 minutes or less and boy did it look great!
My crepe had a perfect balance of all the ingredients within and it had a side of whipped cream! 🙂

The service was good, food was great and fresh!

You could actually taste real ingredients and you didn’t feel like it was drudged in butter or anything like that! I most likely could make something identical to this at home, which is usually how I prefer food at restaurants!

To much salt, oil, butter etc. ruins it for me and my stomach!


I would definitely suggest eating here!

p.s Keith’s potatoes that he got were phenomenal. They were cooked to perfection with rosemary… (love me some rosemary! )


Any who,

If you are in the bay area and need a place to eat before 8:30 for breakfast! Check it out!


What is your favorite breakfast meal when you go out to eat?

 I am usually picky because I don’t’t like a greasy breakfast! It is usally my most nutrient dense meal of the day and very balanced so I look for hearty pancakes with fruit, or an egg combo without cheese and lots of vegetables…but this time it was one of my favorite nut butters paired with bananas and a well made crepe! Not greasy at all! J






4 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble!

  1. When i go out to eat for breakfast there aren’t very many vegan options so i usually go for oatmeal cooked in water or some fruit! Kinda boring–so i tend to eat breakfast at home 🙂
    Your crepe looks awesome! and i totally love it when menus are chalkboard style too!!

  2. liz! did you ever eat at the creperie in st. louis with me?! this place looks EXACTLY like it down to the adorable chalkboard menus and the meal options: savory crepes, sweet crepes, salads, and sandwiches! i wrote about it on my blog and i have some pics (under the st. louis tab) go see if it looks familiar, k?

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