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WIAW (M,T,W) Road trippin!

Happy WIAW!
Sorry I missed you guys last week!

I was at home and I was all out of wack!!
This week I am also out of wack because I am traveling,

But I want to show you a combo of the past three days of my eats in the car!
When Keith and I travel, we ALWAYS pack almost all of the food we are going to eat minus a pack of peanuts here and there!

So here goes…


Apple/Banana/p.b/honey combo
Keiths yogurt/banana combo
A triangle of waffle with p.b and Banana
Keith made egg patties before we left to make breakfast sandwiches!


All sorts of sandwich’s
Cheese and Ham with mustard and veggies
P.B and apple sammy

I forgot to photograph what we had, but we had some
Chicken tortilla soup with salad
Sandwich’s with ham and Cheese
Whole foods salad


and more yummies…
Trail mix…
lara bars…
bumble bars….

Whats inside your cooler? Whether its camping, hiking, road tripping? 


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