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Well guys,

Day 2 is over and done with and we stayed the night in Salt Lake City, UT.

The drive was long, but we made it!

(I also had a little oops… it took us about 10 miles out of the way BUT into Colorado and I have never been 🙂 )

When we got to Salt Lake, we checked into our hotel and then hit the road running!

We ran about 2.75 miles to the 24 hour fitness that we found because we wanted to scope it out for in the morning!
We then found ourselves at the whole foods across from 24 hour! It was HUGEEEEE!! 🙂

Keith bought some yummy Tea and a salad because he wanted to eat dinner two times! 🙂 That sandwich wasn’t enough I guess!

We started to walk back because Keith has a bit of a sore throat.. but then the storm came!
We probably ran the last 1/4 of our trip through crazy winds, rain and lightening! AHH!
Came back, showered, and found myself writing this! 🙂

Day 3 consists of..

morning workout at 24 hour…
Drive through the rest of Utah…
Finally… California!

As much as I enjoy this time with Keith, I am pumped for a schedule again! 🙂
New job starts thursday… 🙂 (More to come)

Thanks for traveling with me! 🙂


4 thoughts on “nebraska..wyoming..utah…nevada…california..

  1. all of your pictures makes me want to road trip to cali to visit you! also, i didn’t know you were stopping in salt lake city!

    you should have met janetha (meals & moves – do you follow her blog?). she is one of my favorites!

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