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On the Road again…

Well guys…

the title says it all. Keith and I are on the road again, heading back to Cali-for-ni-a. Car packed up, cooler packed up, everything is good to go. First day was good and went pretty quick.

We made it through the bottom portion of Wisconsin, to Iowa and a little ways into Nebraska.

If anyone has ever driven on I-80, you will understand the painfulness of it. We have all sorts of things packed up for the trip to keep us occupied.

  • My computer
  • My Cell Phone
  • Spanish Dictionary
  • Frisbees
  • Magazines
  • Gardening Books
  • Planning out our apartment
  • Music
  • Each Other 🙂

We definitely make do! 🙂

In order for my to stay sane, I always have to get in some sort of workout. I have to force myself to understand that I can’t workout for 2 hours in the morning of a long road trip because there just isn’t time.

The morning that we always leave I get a good workout in at the gym and then the rest of the trip is filled with…

  • Lunges in the parking lot
  • Skipping across it
  • Pushups on the curbs
  • Burpees, random jumping

you name it, I do it on our pit-stops! 🙂

Keith and I will get in a run each morning (3-5 miles) or so to start our day which is great! OR, if we are lucky we will find out gym, 24 hour fitness and get a workout there.

The last trip that we took across the country, we came across one and took a body pump class at 5:30 which ABSOLUTELY made my day! J Cross your fingers we will do it again, otherwise pushups it will be.

I will also tell you about our car trip EATS in my WIAW post this week!

Any ways, Day 2/3 will be the longest day and I will tell you all about it!

How do your survive long road trips? Do you do any crazy exercises?


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