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Let’s get ready to rumble…

Morning friends,

well day two of the road trip is well on its way (more to come later today.)

I really want to talk about the wedding festivities before it gets any further into the week… but I want to give you a nutshell version because there is so much that we could talk about!


Sarah, Mom and I went to get our mani’s and pedis! It was amazing! I haven’t done this for about 2 years… well over due! J They looked great!


Cleaned. Cleaned..cooked, cooked… J The cockatil party was held at my Mom and Jamies house as I have talked about before. From what I have heard (because I wasn’t there) it all went well. Here are a few of the yummy items that were on the menu!

Rehearsal ceremony in the church – Holy almost heart attack! My heart beat was as fast as it is when I work out. The combo of my mom walking my sister down the aisle with Jamie meeting them half way was crazy and wonderful!

Rehearsal dinner at a little pizza place in Two Rivers, WI


The morning started out

…with me going to workout!

…getting starbucks for Sarah, Mom and I

…Picking up girls for getting our hair done.

…Getting our hair done..makeup on…

…My love flew in and got dropped off at the hair place…

…Enjoying treats that I prepared….Watermelon, grapes, zucchini bread, and rum soaked gummy worms! (The zucchini bread was DELICIOUS and you can find it here)

….Got dressed at church

…Ceremony = Amazing

…Pictures..bus ride… a BLAST!

…Reception…my speech ….dancing…

…Me catching the bouquet… my Love getting the garder (2nd hand)

….More Dancing




…Run with my Car- Bear

…Gift opening

Few… was that nutshell enough?

What is your favorite part of the wedding festivities? Have you ever given a speech before at a wedding?
My favorite part was giving my speech because I have never had the chance to do that and it was great!


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