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… oh aunties…

I LOVE them!!

This past sunday, my mom, aunt laura, aunt sue, sister and I
drove to Sams Club, in Green Bay WI!
My Mom and her sisters don’t go to large stores like this very often, maybe every 3-4 times a year so they
ALWAYS stock up!

We also had to go to stock up on different things for my sisters
wedding cocktail party! It is held at my mom and Jamies house!

We arrived at Sams at about 10:15am with smiles on our faces! 🙂
We always have such a great time together regardless of where we are.

Shoppers Ready… Set… GOOO!!!

Everyone had their particular items that they each needed to get.

Paper Plates
Chicken Breast
Tooth paste
The list goes on and on.

I on the other hand, just went along for the ride…listless!


I did find this lucky treat for Sarah and I to share!

I have NOT come across this wonderful item at Costco so I was pumped!
For all 18 bars, it was about 15 dollars! For 1 bar at trader joes it is 1.29.. so..
this was a steal!

The shopping was great in all aspects…
Everyone was successful… maybe a little more successful
than they were hoping.. but it is okay!

Check out the goods…

My Mama!! (Jamie loves to have a treat..hence the M&Ms)

My Aunts with all the goodies in the van! 🙂

Great morning with the family!

What do you buy in bulk at Costco/Sam’s Clubs? 


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