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Have you taken a swim test lately?


Since I have been living in California for the past year, my hometown Manitowoc has gone through a few updates!

They added a new little water park.. but it is pretty BIG for Manitowoc!

My friend Carrie and I decided that we wanted to go check it out because,
1. It was hot out
2. She lives across the street
3. Neither of us have gone
4. It was the last day of the season!

So, we walked/waddled (she is 8 months preggers) 🙂 across the street to the park!

So cute! 🙂

They have 2 big water slides, a diving board, a lazy river, wading pools, umbrellas, and a QUICK slide that dumps you into 11ft of water! 🙂 ( I may or may not have gone on it)

I DID!! BUT….. I got to the top only to find out that I would have to take a swim test! A WHAT?? yup, 24 years old and I had to take a swim test! lol… but I did it! and passed with flying colors!! This pic was when I found out I have to take the swim test!!



It was a BLAST! Thanks Carrie for the great Pictures! 🙂 I also then decided to take a dive pencil off the diving board! I can still have fun even though I am not a 10 year old, right?

It was a blast and very glad that we went! 🙂

When was the last time you took a swim test? Went down a water slide?


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