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….flat rate date….

Productive thursday = CHeck… CHECk…. and CHECK!!!! 🙂

–>     —>

  • *Morning Breakfast…Same as usual! DELICIOUSNESS and NUTRITIOUSNESS!!
  • *Garden… 2nd to last day.. 😦    –> (Today is our last day and we are having a potluck!)
  • *WoRkEd OuT :)… sprints x a million… elliptical intervals x a million = 1.75 hours of intense sweating! 🙂
  • *Family Dollar… (for my Sunny Bunny) –> you still haven’t met my kitty! We have a long car ride ahead…
  • *Post Office…
  • *Grocery Store…
  • *Interview on skype…
  • *Packed 5 of these babies…..
  • *Made these babies for my potluck tomorrow..
  • *Made dinner….. –> sarah and I made yummo tacos!
  • *Shower…
  • *Sleep….
How was your thursday?!?!



5 thoughts on “….flat rate date….

  1. If you don’t mind my asking.. Are you interviewing for a job that’s out of state? I’m going to do my best to relocate soon, and plan on applying to jobs on another coast. I feel “Please note, I am willing to relocate” Just isn’t catchy enough. Did you have some sort of standard line about relocation to let the employers know you were serious? Any tips? Thanks!

    • I hav just been applying to places in which I want to leave. On my resume, I put my current address and then list the address that I moving to and by what date. The interview was for a job in CA.:)

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