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Weekly Workouts!


So it is finally time for me to talk about these so called workouts that I don’t miss out on daily!

So, when I was in California, I spent alot of time at the 24 hour fitness super sport which is an extremely large gym. It is pretty much a discovery zone for adults! 🙂 I would spend alot of time working out on stair climbers, tread mills, ellipticals, precors, etc.

Well now, since I am in little DeForest WI, I spend time at the local Any Time fitness. I used to train at any time and it is a nice place for a quick workout, but there definitely isnt much variety and I can see why people fall of the band wagon quickly (unless you are addicted like me 🙂 )

So now, I always spend about 2 hours each day doing a variety of workouts at the gym including…

  • 3-5 mile runs
  • Tread Mill Interval training – hills, sprints, incline jog etc.
  • Precor training – intervals, fast slows etc.
  • Elliptical Training – intervals, fast slows, high incline
  • Body Pump – via you tube videos
  • Cycling Classes
  • Abs of all sorts
  • Basic body weight work – situps, pushups, pullups, dips etc.
I will also do the random make my own boot camp but I am just utilizing what this tiny little facility has to offer. I do miss my big BIG BIIIIIG 24 hour fitness in CA.
I am also finding myself enjoying runs outside this summer. I work with a few girls who have taken the challenge of the 1/2 marathon on and I am contemplating signing up for one. I definitely do long distance running and have ran 1/2’s before.. just very unofficial.

What do you like to do in the gym?


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