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… Scorpion tail anyone?

Happy ALMOST friday,

So I was a little spontaneous this monday! My best friend Kelly (I’ve gone to school with her k-12) and I decided to make a trip to Wisconsin Dells, WI.

Now, you may be asking you what is there… well let me tell you!

NOAHS ARK IS THERE! The nations largest water park! Yes, it is true too!

I have gone to Noahs Ark every summer since the summer of 2005 and last year was the first summer that I did not go… (because I was in CA) … Well since I am here for the summer I had to go at least once! (AND, I had to use my new suit) What do you think?

I work till 12:30 every day and Kelly decided to meet me at my sisters apartment and we took off from there! It takes about 35 minutes to get there from the apartment… which is short compared to what we were used to. From our hometown it takes about 3 hours and this was just a short road trip away. (This is a traditional pic of the driver)

**Funny story.. I am very precise about time and I talked to kelly on my way home from work on the phone and told her that we will leave at 1:07…. And…. We did! I had just enough time to throw together my favorite yogurt, cottage cheese, fruit, honey and granola combo, swimsuit, sunscreen, towel and we hit the road.**

We made it to Noahs ark and thanks to Shell gas station we were able to get 10 dollars off each of ours tickets. πŸ™‚ So we paid 27.00! How wonderful.. for such a wonderful place!

I felt like a kid in a candy shop! I had so much fun! They have a new ride that opened last summer and it is called the scorpion tail.

Brace yourself and join me on… The Scorpion Tail

  • Step 1. Step on Scale – You must weigh between 90 and 300 lbs. (This might be a good thing for America) πŸ™‚ –> this is a whole other topic
  • Step 2. Step into chamber and the door closes
  • Step 3. Lady counts you down… 3..2..1…
  • Step 4. Your life flashes before your eyes as the floor drops out from underneath you.
  • Step 5. Scream like you have never screamed before.
  • Step 6. Return to the bottom, secretly try to pick your wedgie and make sure everything is secure before you stand.
  • Step 7. Smile like you won a million dollars πŸ™‚

Along with the Scorpion they have tons of other rides. If you are from WI or from FL, I would suggest making the trip!

TIP – …. stay at the flamingo and even get 2 free tickets!!

Are you sporadic? If so, what has been your biggest adventure?

This was definitely the most spontaneous I have been in a while. I am definitely a planner but times like this just feel great! πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “… Scorpion tail anyone?

  1. i am not very impulsive or adventurous – i can’t really even think of any random adventures lately. but i’m very ok with that! πŸ™‚

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