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Eat dirt?

Hey guys, so today is a WONDERFUL day in my life! It is my sister’s bridal shower/bachelorette party in my home town of Manitowoc WI. All of my family and friends will be there celebrating my sister and her fiance’s special day! I love it!! I will be telling/showing you allll about the festivities on sunday during my blog, but for today I wanted to share a fun little 20 minute moment in the kitchen that I shared with Brad….(my sisters fiance)

Brad decided that he really wanted one of the EASIEST desserts in the world to make… Dirt Cake… and he needed my help so I did! (Mind you this was about 20 minutes before my girlfriends arrived for the potluck)

He ran to the store to get the basic supplies for making this fun and delicious treat!

So I did the hard easy part of the recipe… mixing the pudding, mixing the cream cheese with the cool whip and pudding.

Brad, on the other hand, did the hardest part… crushed the cookies!

and then you get this delicious dessert….

and guess who ate all of this dessert except for about 6-8 tbsp’s that Sarah and I ate….. we will just leave it at that!!

Although this dessert is sooo simple and child-like.. it is always a crowd pleaser… or at least a brad pleaser!!

What are your quick fix desserts that you make?


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