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WIAW (thursday)

Hey guys, Sarah so kindly reminded my yesterdery AFTER I posted that it was WIAW. So, today it is what i ate wednesday thursday! 🙂

This week is kind of random and sporadic and really want to focus on an omelet that consisted of alll sorts of goodies.It was pretty much a kitchen sink omelet! Check it out!

This is why I love omelets…. We put in…

  • bell peppers
  • scallions
  • kalamata olives
  • shrimp
  • italian sausage
  • Topped with a little cheese from the farmers market!
I would suggest you going through your fridge and pulling out all sorts of goodies and cooking them up into an omelet!!
Especially when it turns out like this.. with potatoes and veggies on the side!!
Be back tomorrow with an eventful night filled with lots of great food!!
What do you like in your omelets?

2 thoughts on “WIAW (thursday)

  1. YUM! That looks DELISH!!! And it is an awesome idea to use up those leftovers! I usually toss them into a soup–but an omelet wold be a fantiastic idea!

    …I am a garbage omelet girl–so I will throw anything in them!

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