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Can I get a “pastrycheesecookiecucumberjerky” treat?

well… If you go to the Farmers Market around the Capital in Madison you can.

That was our first stop, of many yesterday with my Mama! She arrived to Sarah and brads apartment at about 5ish on friday night!

We Love this Lady! 🙂 (Sarah and my Mom)

Before my Mom arrived, Sarah and I went to Willy Street Co-op to get some supplies for dinner and to make some kombucha.. She will tell you about that… but.. we got a pizza crust to make pizza!

So, before she came I spent time preparing these delicious toppings for our pizza….

For our sauce, we spread some of Sarah’s homemade pesto on there very thinly then topped it with tomato sauce….. and it looked like this….

Cheers to That !

I’m pretty sure I didnt have a problem cleaning my plate!!


We got up bright and early on saturday because this farmers market is so amazing that EVERYONE goes to it, so the earlier the better. AND, this humidity is like walking straight into an oven, so if we can avoid it, we will!!

Here we go, off to the farmers market! 🙂

Cookies, pastries, hanging baskets, cheese, breads, veggies,

The yummy savory scone all four of us shared… AND.. my little treats from the market!

Well, if that didn’t make you want to go to this farmers market, what will?

After our farmers market adventure, we spent time down at Maxwell street days going a little shopping, then we went to Trader Joes (more to come on whats in my T.J’s Bag), went for lunch at a place called…. (Check Sarah’s Blog) and I ate this delicious burger….

 It was a buffalo patty with lettuce, tomato, muenster cheese, red onion and their boomerang sauce!


We made a few quick stops after our lunch to Michaels… 🙂 I needed some supplies for a special cake project for sarah’s bridal shower! More to come on that!


Our last stop was at the Garden that I work at just to give my mom a little tour! 🙂 She loves Gardening!

In a nutshell, wonderful time with my Mama! I love my Family!!

What do you like to buy at the Farmers Market?

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