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…Grateful Fridays…

Hey guys!!

My Mama made it to Madison… (More to come on that tomorrow after all of our adventures)

Today I do want to chat about what we do EVERY friday at the garden. We all arrive at the garden by 8:00 am and then we all spend about 10-15 minutes reflecting on what we are grateful/appreciative for.

The time is definetely pretty quiet with a few comments here and there but it is a great time for me to slow down and just think about what I really love and appreciate in my life… and there is ALOT!

I have saved all of my notecards that I have written on since the garden started and I really want to share all of them with you guys.

So here goes….

I’m Grateful for….

  • My sister and her support and her always being there!
  • My Mama – The rock in my life!
  • My boyfriend – Love him to death! He’s my Best friend and then some!
  • Skype – Spend a lot of time with my boyfriend and family on here.
  • Random opportunities life throws at you – Just take advantage of it and roll with it.
  • 24 hour fitness facilities – Love getting the workouts in early!
  • Eggs – so many delicious breakfasts!
  • Sunscreen x 1,000,000 – this skin of mine is like a babies and can’t imagine my life without it!
  • Fresh Fruits – I always eat at least 3-5 servings a day!!
  • Almond Milk – The vanilla flavor is sooo delicious in iced coffee and makes really good biscuits and pancakes!
  • Nut Butters – Love making my own and they are soo delicious!
  • Frisbees – Ultimate, to be exact!
  • Dogs – They are always excited to see you whenever you get home regardless of how your day was.
  • Recipe books – I LOVE to read them for hours!
  • Family get togethers – Family is priceless
  • All friends – Old friends and New  Friends
  • New Food – Always looking forward to trying new things… I am NOT picky at all!! 🙂
  • My health – I just appreciated how healthy I am and am continuing to be.
  •             On a side note, I watched the movie “Letters to God” the other day and the little boy had cancer and I am just greatful that I am able to live my life as a strong healthy person.
  • Gift Cards – especially the ones that you save for a year and then you get to treat yourself!
  • Trails – especially the ones that are catering to rollerblades now a days.
  • Healthy sweet treats – finding great substitutions that still make a great treat!
  • Little phone Calls – When my boyfriend has 10 seconds only to call and say I love you!
  • Beautiful Mornings – So motivational!
  • Flat Rate Boxes – They save me sooo much money!
So, those are MANY of the things I am grateful for, but on friday mornings, they are the ones that came into my head. 🙂
I love my life!
Be back tomorrow with my Mama’s visit!
What are you grateful for? Does anything on my list fancy you?!

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