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Veggie jewelry

Hey guys,

So along with my normal morning at the garden followed by my workout, I had a little change of pace yesterday afternoon. I helped out at an event last night that included making jewelry.. but not typical jewelry!

It was made out of these ingredients….

And they turned out like this….(Thanks to a little help from some wire)

And this….

Good stuff huh?

They tasted great too!

Along with this exciting art project, we got to eat some delicious food that looked like this!!

And it was catered from this great place called the “Underground Kitchen” located in Madison, WI!

I have a feeling that they will be doing a lot of catering now because unfortunately their restaurant part of their business just had a fire inside. 😦


And then… the coolest thing happened,

I got to take home the sample CSA box donated from Blue Moon Community Farms

Hopefully I will make something very delicious tomorrow…stay tuned!

*beans,carrots,green onions,rainbow chard,kale,cucumber,squash,broccoli*

Helllooooo Fiber!!

Any suggestions for a recipe with some of these tasty treats??


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