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My first “What I ate Wednesday”

Well friends,

We are half way through the work week and it feels great! My Mama is coming to visit my sister Sarah and I this friday and saturday and I am pumped!! My mom and I are really REALLY close and I love her to death. I dont know about you, but I live for countdowns even for little things, so without further ado…3 more days till my Mama comes!!

Back to the topic of the day, WIAW! I follow peas and crayonsΒ and my sister also participates in this so I thought, hey, what the heck! Here goes,

To begin the lovely day (which was tuesday) I ate one of top 5 quick fix breakfast! All that you needs is…

Nutty breakfast rollup

  • Whole wheat tortilla
  • An apple
  • A Banana
  • ANY nut butter of choice (as many as you want)
  • Flax seed
  • Chia seed
  • Honey
  • Granola
  • Anything else you feel would taste delicious!! πŸ™‚
Put it together and you get this delicious, nutrient dense breakfast that will hold you over for at least 4 hours!!
I also followed that up with Soy milk/Almond milk Β over ice with a little coffee. I don’t really enjoy the taste of just plain coffee so I have milk with coffee in the morning over ice. I don’t drink it every day, just when I feel like spicing up my morning!
After breakfast I headed off to the garden for a day in the sun. I can’t imagine my life without this sunscreen! I dont know about you guys, but I burn like a baby so this little guy comes with me every where!
Moving on.. so after the garden I munched on a lovely little plum from Aldi. If you have Aldi around your house, I would suggest it. It has great deals and great prices! For example, a pack of ground turkey for 2.50! Yup, 2.50!!!
When I got home from work, I ate a refreshing lunch which included…
1/4 c. farro
1/2 c. plain yogurt
1 tbsp. honey
handful of fresh blueberries
A little handful of granola on top
How does it look to you? Pretty tasty! It reminds me of a rice pudding-ish texture!
After this little lunch of mine settled down, I headed to my home away from home! You guessed it, the gym!!
Great workout today! After my cardio session I headed into the back to do my Body Pump class via You Tube! If you have access to a gym that offers the Les Mills Body Pump class, I would highly suggest it!
I dont know about you guys, but when I return from the gym I am famished and I heard the dinner bell ring! (my stomach grumble)
Left overs it was, but a little bit different than last night! Everybody meet the “turkey burger salad”….
Leftover turkey sliders
Bell peppers
Slice of whole wheat honey oat bread
*This is a great way to watch carbs if you chose! (I still ate some)
Few, that was painless. I did enjoy what I ate today and hope that maybe you can try some of my concoctions too!
What is your favorite quick fix breakfast?

12 thoughts on “My first “What I ate Wednesday”

  1. We grabbed some English muffins for our burgers this week because we never seem to finish a whole bag of regular hamburger buns after we have hamburgers so I thought English muffins would do great playing double-duty and they did. A little butter and some jam and I am set for breakfast πŸ™‚

  2. my fav quick breakfast is a bakery croissant 1-2x a month. they are just so amazing! =) for stuff I make myself, usually fruit and coffee and i’m out the door!

    Happy WIAW! So happy to have you as part of our foodie potluck party! ❀ hope you had fun!

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